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            Our enclosures are of the highest quality in custom-made furniture. These units are built with thermo-fused melamines and Wilsonart Laminates. There are no exposed wood edges. We silicone the interior seams of the habitats to insure a long- lasting Product.


            The enclosures are modular and stackable. Our standard depth is 24" in order to accommodate expanding collections. We fasten the enclosures onto casters for easy accessibility to heating and lighting elements. This also helps for cleaning purposes under and behind stacked units


            Being made of thermo-fused melamines and custom laminates makes cleaning as easy as wiping a counter top. Let's face it. If it isn't easy to clean, most people will just put it off for another day


            Laminated glass 1/4" thick is standard for all enclosures. This is the same type of glass car manufacturers use in windshields. This is very important because if a piece of glass were to break it would stay in place instead of shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces (tempered glass), or worse, cracking off in large jagged pieces (pane glass). We offer sliding glass doors on roller bearings. The glass is easy to remove if the need arises to clean the tracks.


            Lighting is available upon request. Every keeper has different needs. Many choices in lights show off animals in various ways. I like to use a puck light system covered with a screen to prevent the snake from possible burns on the fixtures.


            Under belly heat is a must! It provides a hot spot for the snake to help digest its meals. Under every enclosure we provide a reveal piece to hide the heating elements and lighting cords to show a clean look in the front of the unit. We also build vents and locking mechanisms into every piece.


            New snake color morphs fetch quite a high price. I've seen snakes that cost as much as $20,000 for a pie-bald python. These custom-built enclosures will help protect your valuable investments. Different animals have different needs. If you have specific requirements for your animals when it comes to size, shape, heating, lighting or materials, we will build to suit. Tell us your needs and we will put it into fabrication.

Go to our Products page to see some of our custom-built enclosures.