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Jennifer Holland

My interest in snakes came about by chance.   I guess you could say I married into it!  

Over the years we have owned a variety of species including reticulated pythons, Arizona mountain banded kings, rats and fox snakes.   It wasn't until 2002 that our personal interests in snakes turned professional.  I spent a year working in and maintaining the lab of a well-known Surinam breeder.  We have now bred successful clutches of Irian Jaya carpet pythons and have built a              

collection of Irians, Coastals, Jungles, Chondros, Surinam boas, BCI morphs and a number of King snakes, Milk Snakes and other Colubrids.  Many of the species I take with me to schools, scout meetings and children's parties to give educational talks on the life cycles of the animals.