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            We believe that a fear of snakes is a learned fear, not a natural one.  We also feel that, if a person is educated about snakes and experiences them in a fun, controlled setting, they will come to understand them as some of the most spectacular animals on earth.

            Scott and I have developed a professional presentation of the animals for grades 3-12 science classes.  For grades 3-5, we will focus on life cycle and habits of carpet pythons.  For grades 6-8, we will also discuss adaptations and mimicry with boas, pythons and colubrids.  For high school levels, we will delve deeper into the care and breeding of these species as well as the scientific names and certain morphs typical to them.

            This is an interactive program with time for Q & A and concluding with a quiz on the information given during the presentation.  Each student will have the opportunity to touch or hold an animal if he/she wishes, and, because every animal is non-venomous and captive bred there is no danger to any student.



            Each classroom presentation is 45 minutes in length at the rate of $75 per classroom or $125 for a 2-class mini-assembly.  Full 1 hr. assemblies may be scheduled for an entire grade level or school for $350. 

Birth Day Partys

           In addition to educating in schools with the animals, I have entertained at many children's parties.  Rates for these are $100 per hour with a 30% non-refundable deposit required.

Non-Profit Organizations

           We are also available for Scout meetings, churches and other non-profit organizations at a 50% discount.