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      We here at Boa Cabana are dedicated to providing a variety of services including educational services for the community and to snake hobbyists. We breed snakes of all different kinds as well as custom design and build enclosures "Cabanas" built for any need.  We believe that snakes are a great means of interactive education with kids and their natural environments, as well as learning about reptiles and biology.

     We custom build enclosures "Cabanas" for all varieties of reptiles, of all shapes and sizes.  Our craftsmanship is backed by the experience of not only a master craftsman of over 20+ years but of a snake breeder and owner.  These skills allow us to build an enclosure to not only meet the needs the owner but for the health and longevity of the snakes and reptiles too.


        There is a growing new school of thought about keeping reptiles in captivity.  Instead of keeping them much like one keeps a laboratory animal in small, relatively bare-bone type enclosures. This new approach focuses on quality of life for the captive animal and quality of display for the human observer. Boa constrictors and pythons can be strikingly beautiful creatures which in the truest sense are living works of art. So why should we keep them in environments too unattractive to have on display in our own homes?

-- The Boa Constrictor Manual, 1998
Vosjoli, Klingenberg and Ronne